Amanda Peet in The Whole Nine Yards (courtesy

“Comedian Chris Rock, long outspoken about the issues of guns in American culture, is heading to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to support President Barack Obama’s new gun control package in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shootings,” reports, previewing a Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) press conference. Again, I put pro-gun control African Americans in the same category as pro-steak vegans. Sure, Rock’s movie career has been firearms-intensive (e.g., Walther P38, M1911A1, Makarov PM, MAC 11 and a brace of 1911’s). But who really cares? The real problem here is Amanda Peet. It was bad enough when Scarlett Johansson joined MAIG . . . OK, it was worse. In the sense that young men will do anything—including abandoning their natural interest in firearms and their political convictions—to please a beautiful woman. Mark my words: these anti-gun starlets are the fifth column. Drop-dead gorgeous pro-gun women need to contact this website immediately to help mount a counter-offensive. So to speak.