Midway: No LEO Mag and Ammo Sales Where Civilian Bans Apply

TTAG reader and Registered Nurse Lance Sauer recently received this email from MidwayUSA:

Currently, there are several parts of the country that have restrictions on civilian ownership of certain magazines or types of ammunition.  Sometimes it is entire states and sometimes local municipalities pass these regulations, which I consider unconstitutional. At any rate, when we encounter these situations it has always been our policy not to sell to anyone in these areas, regardless of what law enforcement or government credentials they offer up. If the laws change and all law abiding citizens can buy these products we would be happy to sell to Law Enforcement, but not before then. Thanks for taking the time to be involved. I wish all firearms would follow your lead.

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99 Responses to Midway: No LEO Mag and Ammo Sales Where Civilian Bans Apply

  1. avatarGA EMT says:

    Nice to see some of the larger retailers step up to the plate.

    • avatarMamba says:

      I always let such companies know my appreciation of their support via email and/or their FB or other social media presence. Kinda doubt they all read TTAG….but wouldn’t mind being wrong about that.

    • avatarGuy22 says:

      Midway is first rate.
      Never had a problem with them.
      They have donated Millions to the NRA with their round up!
      They are not always the cheapest. But I buy more from them than anybody else!

      • avatarDavid says:

        I completely agree with you. Midway USA is a first rate company from top to bottom. And that is what makes me stick with them. Even when Larry does a commercial, I feel like I’ve been given a pat on the back.
        I wish more companies operated with Midways values.

    • avatarBullseye says:

      Wait… I’m not so sure that this says what everyone is implying! It is very carefully worded to make it appear that government agencies are included. But it reads more like they won’t sell to “Individuals” who are exempt from state/local laws because of their “law enforcement or government credentials”. Larue, Olympic, and others specifically state they won’t sell to …”state and local law enforcement / government agencies…” I’d like Larry to specifically state this in the policy.

      • avatarAPBTFan says:

        Didn’t seem at all devious or unclear to me.

      • avatarSean says:

        I’m not certain, but I think the difference is that midway is a wholesaler/retailer, not a manufacturer. Government agencies deal exclusively with manufacturers when they sign contracts, so midway wouldn’t really be doing any damage if they came out and said they refuse to do business with people they were never really doing business with in the first place. But law enforcement officers, as individuals, are exempted from the laws that restrict us (I’m in CA). So by denying them individual service, midway is sending the message that companies like Olympic and Larue have sent to agencies. “You’re not better than everybody else, you are not above the law, and we won’t treat you like you are”.

    • avatarWiebelhaus says:

      Now this is where it’ll hit then, they’ll get guns but ammo and mags, this is way Midway ALWAYS gets my bid’ness.

  2. avatarcigr says:

    Definitely another big step. Now we need someone of the likes of Colt to join in.

    • avatarBo says:

      What we REALLY need is for someone like Federal to cut off ammunition to all .gov agencies that step on the Second Amendment. I’ve already written to Corbon asking them to join in this fight.

      • avatarGeneralPatton says:

        You do realize that the Federal Government Owns the Lake City ammunition facility, they use civilian contractors to work it with Federal oversight. You’d never be able to take the ammo out of the hands of the Gov’t, and they will always get first dibs. Hoping for anything else is a waste of time.

        • avatarBo says:

          Maybe for the big dogs, like Winchester and Federal, but Corbon is considering joining the fight, per their own facebook page.

  3. avatarDaniel Silverman says:

    Way to go!!!

  4. avatarSCS says:

    And so it begins.

  5. avatarMike S says:

    Nice! Hopefully Brownell’s and the rest won’t be far behind.

  6. avatarMatt in FL says:

    Sounds like this has been their policy all along, and unfortunately, it’s a policy that affects non-LEO’s, too. Not that I blame them at all. Either way, it’s good that they are explicitly reinforcing their position. I only wish they’d do it publicly, and loudly.

  7. avatarjay1975 says:

    The more that this happens, the more likely that the larger companies will jump on board. Keep it up.

  8. avatarRingoMD says:

    Thanks Larry!
    Just placed another order with midway!

  9. avatarJavier says:

    Midway’s got my support and my money.

  10. avatarroger cain says:

    Cheers to MidwayUSA! Down with Tyranny.

  11. avatarracer88 says:

    Midway for the win. I’ve done a lot of business with them, and they have earned my loyalty many times over.

  12. avatarLance Suaer says:

    cheaper then dirt has the same policy as midwayusa.com I did not think of emailing brownells will send them a letter tomorrow. Please sent other companies a letter and see what responses you get

  13. avatarNathaniel says:

    Midway just became my new favorite place to buy magazines.

  14. avatarIn Memphis says:

    Im glad to see a distribution company step up. While Im sure many LEO contracts are factory direct and deal strictly with the manufacturers, if companys like Midway step up then it eliminates governments using them as a seconday means to aquire what they need.

  15. avatarJeffW says:

    Thank you MidwayUSA!
    -A long time loyal customer

  16. avatarChuck in IL says:

    Good news. Heading over to Midway right now to pull the trigger on that order I’ve been waffling about about for a few days.

  17. avatarAharon says:

    Way to go MidwayUSA! I’m proud of you and look forward to my next purchase with MidwayUSA.

    I didn’t know it had always been Midways policy not to sell to anyone, to include LE, in those areas that discriminate against American citizens.

  18. avatarBill says:

    Good job
    I know where my next firearms related internet purchase will be.

  19. avatarJames1000 says:

    This is great! Sounds like a small revolution has started. I am not in Law Enforcement and am not in tune with how they operate internally or administratively. Can anyone provide insight on how LEOs could get around this if more companies were to step step up? Do agencies typically make purchases based on need or do larger organizations have contracts for ammo/firearms?

  20. avatarMark says:

    Midway, your customers will remember whose side you were on and reward you.

  21. avatarOkieRim says:

    good job midway, you get to keep my biz…

  22. Time for Brownells to step up and do the same thing.

  23. avatarDBeans says:

    Big boys stepping up to the plate……

  24. avatarTangledThorns says:

    This is going to take more than Midway. Glock and other manufactures must do the same.

  25. avatarRKflorida says:

    Great to see a large company take this position. Now it’s time to email Brownells, Buds, and others and urge them to do the same. Way to go Midway.

  26. avatarMichael says:

    Until Glock and all their distributors and all the local retailers owned and staffed by bootlicking LEO worshipers do the same, it is merely symbolic. I support it and hope it goes much further and deeper.

  27. avatarChuckN says:


  28. avatarBoz says:

    Good for Midway!

  29. avatarAlan says:

    OUT EFFN STANDING. Thanks Larry. You still have and will continue to have my business. MidwayUSA has been great in these times of buying panics, for not gouging customers. You have had my business for 27 years and I hope it will continue for antoher 27.

  30. avatarBruce says:

    An excellent company.

  31. avatarLance says:

    Great now get Glock to come along!

    • avatarLarry2 says:

      Yes, Glock what about you? Your so far lack of leadership will no go unnoticed. All gun and related companies should consider this their moment that will make or break their futures!

  32. avatarAnonymous says:

    LaRue and West Fork Armory are two others that I know of that have released similar press

  33. avataruncommon_sense says:

    And this (in addition to competitive prices and excellent customer service) is why MidwayUSA is my first and preferred online vendor.

  34. avatarBen says:

    Way to go Midway! Who needs CTD when we have awesome shooting supply companies like these guys?

  35. avatarStan says:

    I order from Midway quite a bit. It makes me proud that a company that I do business with takes a stand like this. Good job

  36. avatarWiregrass says:

    This is how the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show boycott started. Thumbs up, MidwayUSA.

  37. avatarJack says:

    Excellent news. Thank you for caring about us. You have my loyalty.

  38. avatarWilliam says:

    Three cheers for Midway.

  39. avatardenvil says:

    Great job Midway!! Way to step up!!

  40. avatarDanny Williams says:

    Thank you very much. Hope everyone else follows your lead!

  41. avatarMgb says:

    I don’t get it. Punish LEOs for the actions of corrupt politicians? (Who shouldn’t be punishing citizens either, agreed.) Why? Is it thought that this will cause politicians to rescind the laws? It will have no effect.

    • avatarPyratemime says:

      It is aimed at all the Police Chiefs and Sheriff’s who keep pushing these restrictions. The idea being if your citizens who benefit from neither body armor or back-up don’t need it then neither do LEOs who have both.

  42. avatarDavid Palmer says:

    Thanks Midway for your support. In the long run you’ll be remembered and richly rewarded.

  43. avatarO.E says:

    Larry Potterfields magic wand is kaput. I ordered many moons ago and the Midway UK team have yet to send out the product.

  44. avatarPatrick says:

    All this will do is make it harder for cops to get the gear they need in areas where it is needed the most. I am an NRA endowment member, a member of GOA and a police officer since 1999. I support the every positive effort we can do to fight further gun control. But risking officers lives is not something I support. I am also a long time Midway USA customer and I spend thousands with them every year. Well no more.

    • avatarMatt in FL says:

      Because their lives are worth more than ours, amirite?

    • Well then, I imagine those cops who really need rifles can pay for them out of their own paycheck, like the rest of the unanointed masses.

      • avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

        Actually, the good part is these folks will not let them play the LEO/Retired LEO card and get the goodies the slaves can’t. If it’s not for sale to all animals, it’s not for sale to the more equal ones.

    • avatarDr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      Yeah, the cops can have regular-sized mags but the slaves cannot? F–k that noise. Let’s see cops stand up for armed citizens and defy the grabbers for a change, though thankfully my local sheriff has done exactly that. Thank Xenu for Texas.

    • avatarJames1000 says:

      Your life is no better than mine sir. Always interesting to hear LEOs who claim to need better equipment than law abiding citizens. Is this purely ego or for reasons I’m unaware of?

    • avatarPavePusher says:

      Then the cops can speak up to those who make the laws. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

      By the way, why are police more deserving of protection than the people they serve? Are you by chance a member of the LAPD?

      • avatarJames1000 says:

        +1 and amen. Sck of the holier than then thou mentality from our beloved police.

      • avatarJohn says:

        Do you really think the politicians give two shits what the cops think? You are cheering on a company for punishing people for something they didn’t do.

        Yet at the same time you are crying about politicians trying to punish you for something you didn’t do. Bit of a double standard going on here…

  45. avatarRandy says:

    Way to Go Midway. Thank you

  46. avatarGreg says:

    Soon enough, it will be a felony offense to REFUSE sale to The State.

    The’ll just accuse you of aiding terrorism.

  47. avatarJFrazier says:

    Bravo, Larry. But they only have four magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Of course, its not their fault.

  48. avatarjoe says:

    Nice to see that Midway supports the 14th Amendment as well as the 2nd.

  49. avatarMark says:

    I wouldn’t include Cheaper Than Dirt with Midway. CTD has refused to ship completely legal products to California for ages now unlike Midway. CTD can go pound sand. Go Midway.

    • avatarDan says:

      Cheaper Than Dirt most certainly does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with Midway seeing as how they recently advised customers who had ordered magazines at then standard prices of less than 20 dollars that they would have to pay in excess of 75 dollars upon delivery. Price gouging by any company should not be condoned and especially not supported.

  50. avatarJavier says:

    Midway sells all kinds of stuff for all kinds of outdoor activities. I’ll be buying from them from now on. DICK’S also will not get a dime from me.

  51. avatarStu Chisholm says:

    YES! Midway joins LaRue Tactical, New York Arms and Olympic! SOLIDARITY!!!

  52. avatar.9mm says:

    And thats the way it is!!

  53. avatarLarry2 says:

    I always loved Midway and now I love them more. They are going to become my “go to” source.

    Ok Cabelas, what’s stopping you from doing the same? You are about to lose my business to Midway.

    Please step up and do the same.

  54. avatarLarry2 says:

    Just sent this to Cabela’s asking them to do the same as Midway.

    Midway, one of your online competitors, recently stated that they will not sell to Law Enforcement Officers; anywhere that Mag or Ammo bans exist for civilians. I would suggest that your company consider doing the same. As a longtime customer of both Midway and Cabela’s and having spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years at both retailers, I can say that Midway’s actions have really impressed me.

    I’m suggesting to all of you to contact your retailers of choice and ask them to join this battle for our rights. They owe it to us.

  55. avatarEdsel says:

    thanks a lot to your company, i patronize your company (just placed an order last week) and will continue to do so. :)

  56. avatarMy Name Is Bob says:

    Everyone should be doing this! If civies can’t have it, nobody else can- no exceptions!

  57. avatarMikey says:

    I applaud Midwya for taking this stance. For what it is worth also, this act avoids the inevitable paperwork error where a person of dubious integrity utilizes false documents to get their hands on LEO (designated by what? county, city, state, parrish) exemption documents or something that look like them. GOOD CYA!!

  58. avatarJerry says:

    They are not selling to CIVILIANS where these restrictions have been passed. I don’t see where they are heroes at all. People that reside in these areas should be able to purchase magazines and ammo just as we all can. Selling to them would be more of a pro-gun stance.

    • avatarPavePusher says:

      Are you asking them to break the law? Are you willing to pay for their lawyers if they do so at your urging?

  59. avatarRaven says:

    Well, how about it Colt, Sig, Ruger? You guys gonna have the balls to step up to the plate too?

  60. avatarJoseph says:

    Great news. Wish they’d show the same fortitude when it comes to selling to Federal agencies.

  61. avatarRandy Drescher says:

    Thanks Larry, Midway is a class act. It’s nice to know who we can count on, Randy

  62. avatarDoug M says:

    Your policy of not selling to anyone in a state where anyone has been restricted of what they can possess does not take into account that not every law enforcement officer or member of the military agrees with, supports or will assist in any way any unconstitutional restriction of citizen rights. I am one of those law enforcement officers.

    • avatarStu Chisholm says:

      I think that’s the point! They want LEOs who “get it” to complain to their chiefs, mayors and legislators to get these idiotic, ineffective and unconstitutional restrictions removed. They don’t listen to us “little people.” Perhaps you might have more clout.

  63. way to go nice to see people standing up for the constitution!

  64. avatarTodd Cottle says:

    Thank you!

  65. avatarBob Ferguson says:

    WAY TO GO MIDWAY!!!!! I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time but you have me for life now! THIS is the way that the firearms industry should stand up to tyranny!

  66. avatarEvan says:

    He’s Larry potterfield with Midway USA, and that’s the way it is.

  67. avatarOldcoot says:

    I’ve always been a loyal Midway customer but this just goes to re-inforce that loyalty. As far as Glock goes, the US government buys thousands of handguns from Glock. The guns they gave the Iraqai and Afgan police depts were purchased from Glock, so I don’t see Glock going this route anytime soon. All we can do is patronize those companies that think as we do and let the almighty dollar be our voice.

  68. avatardas says:

    Thank you Midway for standing up for us regular law abiding citizens. I am a long time customer and I am proud to say that.

  69. avatarsevlex says:

    Have you all checked this story directly with Midway?

    A member at gunsnet.net contacted them and was told this is a hoax.

    Disappointing on several levels.

  70. avatarRoy says:

    This is exactly what’s needed! The Second Amendment rights of ALL Americans is under and unprecedented attack by liberals, and we must unite to stand against them! God Bless you Midway USA!

  71. avatarmerry says:

    This is exactly what’s needed

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