Mayors Against Illegal Guns Super Bowl Commercial: “It’s Time”

And there you have it: the Mayors Against Illegal Gun’s Superbowl ad. The ad indicates that the civilian disarmament movement has “retreated” from their calls for an assault weapons ban and ammunition magazine capacity limits to their “fall back” position of universal registration. I mean, background checks. Either that or they’re focusing on one assault on the Second Amendment at a time. Anyway, after this post, our man Bruce Krafft will explain why universal background checks are a bad, bad thing. Meanwhile, this commercial’s a blessing. While it adhere’s to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (demonize the enemy), the message is churlish rather than effective. No cause and effect emotionalism. So . . . where’s the pro-gun ad? Tell me Wayne’s Boyz are on the case.