Housekeeping: TTAG Turns Three

When I launched The Truth About Guns three years ago (to the day), I imagined the site as an electronic gun magazine: a tell-it-like-is blend of news, reviews, tips and rants. As the months rolled by and our traffic increased, I began to suspect that TTAG was becoming something more important than a simple gunzine. While no-holds-barred firearms reviews are our staple, firearms-related news and editorials started doing the heavy lifting. And then Newtown. Suddenly, TTAG became the canary in the Constitutional coal mine. We asked you, our readers, if that was OK. You said yes. And so here we are, posting hourly updates from the firearms freedom front, helping you defend and extend your Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. It has been—and continues to be—our honor and privilege to do so. Thank you for reading.