Housekeeping: “I Am a Gun Owner” Series Ends Next Friday

(courtesy TTAG’s “I Am A Gun Owner” series has made its point: American gun owners are not a homogenous group. We’re male and female. We represent all ethnic and racial groups. We hold conflicting political opinions. We have various religious beliefs and backgrounds. Some of us are atheists. We all cherish our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Next Friday (February 8) we’ll run the last of the photos on the site. We will continue to post portraits on our Facebook page, but that’s it. The next project: “This is my rifle.” The photo will include “This is my rifle” statements on paper (not demonstrated above) with you holding your rifle. Please don’t send them in yet. We’ll give you a heads-up. Meanwhile, thanks for your photos. And thanks to you, our readers for making TTAG the world’s number one firearms blog. We’re getting the pro-gun message out there, somewhere.