WTF is Wrong with the AP?


“Congress’ latest crack at a new assault weapons ban would exempt more than 2,200 specific firearms, including a semi-automatic rifle nearly identical to one of the guns used in the bloodiest shootout in FBI history,” the AP reports. “President Obama has called for restoring a ban on military-style assault weapons and limiting the size of ammunition magazines. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has introduced a bill that would ban 157 specific firearms designed for military and law enforcement use and exempt those made for hunting. One model of the Ruger Mini-14 — used in the deadly 1986 FBI shootout — is on the list of banned guns. A different model is on the list of exempted firearms. Gun experts say the two firearms are equally deadly.” Just what are they trying to say here? Whatever it is, exactly, I don’t like it. And the fact that republished this ditty doesn’t make me happy either. You?