The Truth About the Truth About Guns?

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A TTAG reader writes:

robert, it is so sad that you outdated, old thinking fools have nothing constructive or very intelligently stated to respond or add the overall problem of guns, gun deaths, massacres…etc all you can do is make fun of and demean the well thought out folks who are trying desperately to instill some sanity and reason into the outmoded and terribly unsafe current gun situation…when confronted with an intelligent and well documented statement related to the ‘gun control’ and ‘situations’ here in the u.s. …most of your beer brain soaked responses spout the same (again outdated) rhetoric…”oh, you know that when strict gun laws are implemented, the murder rate goes up”…”gosh, chicago has the toughest laws and controls in the u.s., but they have the highest rate of crime and gun related deaths in america”…if you would take a moment to actually think about what you are spouting, it might dawn on you, that regardless of the current ‘toughest laws’, that the murders are not performed by those people because they are amidst those ‘tough’ laws, but because those ‘tough’ laws are so loose in their structure, outdated, and at all mandated and ‘controlled’ . . .

and no, idiot, the obama administration is NOT trying to remove our guns (and yes, i am an ex marine and a current gun owner)…please tell me how they are going to go about this, knowing that there are more than 310 million guns here in the us. alone…you can take as long as you want to tell me how they will do this…go ahead…i’m always up for a laugh…you also say….”if only we had MORE GUNS…well my friend, we HAVE more guns…as a trained, ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons…i still cringe when teeny brains such as you state…”well if we had more armed people around these instances of horrific killings they would be lessened”…really, now tell me a 10 hour, weekend schooled person with a carry permit would react in one of these situations…: a person is blasting away inside a building, store, restaurant, (god forbid) another school with an automatic pistol or rifle…etc, you actually think a 10 hour rambo will be able to calmly reach into a backpack, briefcase…whatever, make sure ‘calmly of course’ that it is fully loaded, off safe…and then take a perfect rambo type aim at the madman randomly shooting people, and hit him between the eyes and not take out 3 or 4 more innocent people…hey, rambo…when was the last time you had a crazy person, dressed in body armour shooting at YOU…sheeze…so the almost 10,000 folks killed in the last 15 months by GUNS will be reduced because of MORE GUNS on the street…also, when you answer how they will rip all 310+ million guns out of our homes, also please tell me why do we need these 30 round, armour piercing mags…why do we need automatic firing weapons fed by these mags…handguns are possibly needed for say…home protection…that said uzi’s are NOT…that also said, handguns and those types of weapons are for NO OTHER purpose designed other than to KILL…and you have the gall to say “truth”