Question of the Day: Can Obama Escape from the Fact that Chicago Gun Control Doesn’t Work?

President Obama returned to Chicago to promote his civilian disarmament agenda. It’s a pretty stupid move, politically. Chicago has some of the most unconstitutional gun laws in America (a.k.a., “strictest”). And yet it’s running a murder rate of around 500 souls per year. While the President is to spin doctoring what Petra Silander is to lingerie, I reckon the Commander-in-Chief is naked on this one. Sure he can and will wave the bloody shirt. And yes he will argue that Chicago needs MORE gun control to stop the killings. But any fool can see that gang bangers with illegal handguns are what it’s all about; not “assault weapons” or “universal background checks.” Obama’s Boyz will find an echo chamber, but his rhetoric may prove to be emptier than they imagine. Your prediction?