Harry Belafonte Condemns “White America,” Pleads for Civilian Disarmament

“White America discusses the Constitutional issue of [gun] ownership, while no one speaks for the consequences of our racial carnage.” What a disgustingly racist remark. Gun rights advocates fight for the rights of all Americans. Lest we forget, southern racists created America’s first gun control laws. They depended on it. Without gun control, they couldn’t have raped, tortured, disenfranchised and murdered blacks. Today’s gun control laws continue to leave African Americans—in specific—defenseless against the vicious criminals that prey upon their communities. Not to put too fine a point on it, gun control is racism. Click here to watch Constitutionalist, OFWG and NRA Prez Dave Keene trace the racist roots of gun control and speak to the consequences of African Americans’ racial carnage.