Gun Tweet of the Day: Jim Carrey Edition


Pleasantville is one of my favorite movies. It gently then relentlessly skewers the myth of a 1950’s American utopia and preaches tolerance. Wait, that wasn’t Jim Carey. That was Jeff Daniels. Sorry. I get that confused with The Truman Showanother movie about paradise lost. Truman also skewers the suburban idyl and preaches personal responsibility. That was Jim Carrey. In both cases, the main characters must come to terms with reality. Real reality. As depicted by Hollywood. Go figure. And while you’re doing that, clock the Tweet above and ask yourself this: is Carrey implying that gun owners are sub-human? We’ve seen this demonization before; it doesn’t take society to its happy place, should such a thing exist. I like to think it does. But then I bought a Benelli M4 shotgun after Newtown. That’s different, right?