FN Scores $77M Contract for M4A1s

(courtesy kitup.military.com)

“FN Manufacturing has outbid Remington Arms Company and Colt Defense LLC. to win a contract worth just under $77 million to make M4A1s for the U.S. Army,” kitupmilitary.com reports. “The award notice was posted on Federal Business Opportunities on Feb. 22 with an initial value of $9,370,615.” Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. Last I heard Colt forced the Army to reconsider its decision to go with Remington and then BANG! FN’s in like Flynn. The Belgian gunmaker’s success comes hot on the heels of a $31.5m contract to supply Peru with 8,110 FN SCAR-H rifles. With Cerberus pledged to punting The Freedom Group—Remington’s corporate overlords—one wonders if the company still has the juice to get it done in the rough-and-tumble world of military procurement. And if Uncle Sam would let a foreigner buy them? [h/t Kodiakco]