False Flags Fluttering In the Southern Breeze

 “Born and raised on a cotton farm in deep-red Tennessee, a son of the South, I grew up hunting and fishing with my father, who was reputed to be the finest quail shot in Crockett County,” self-professed “redneck” Joe McLean writes at thedailybeast.com. “As a younger man, I was forced to defend my home in the middle of the night with a firearm. The burglar was a career criminal, just out of prison after robbing a liquor store with a sawed-off shotgun. The cops knew him by name when they came to get him. I was lucky.” But we’re not. McLean is one of the increasing number of pro-civilian disarmament gun owners emerging from the media miasma to FUD fence straddlers. To wit . . .

So let’s be clear: first, nobody is going to take our guns away. Not mine, and not yours. Nobody has even suggested that. Frankly, nobody thinks it’s possible anyway, with millions of firearms in circulation . . .

. . . everybody understands this carnage isn’t just the fault of guns. Blood-soaked movies and videogames, mental illness, school bullying, and maybe even our national glorification of the lone cowboy dispensing frontier justice with his trusty six-shooter all have a role.

But regardless of the causes, the actual instruments of destruction are firearms, specifically assault weapons. These rifles are wonderfully engineered tools built for only one purpose: to kill and maim as many human beings on the battlefield as quickly and efficiently as possible. So we should not be surprised when they are used for the exact job for which they were created.

Americans overwhelmingly support our right to defend our own homes, but “assault” rifles are by definition offensive, military weapons. They’re not made for defense and, frankly, not terribly useful for that. Ask any police officer.

At the risk of being crude, are you shitting me? No one wants to take away your guns but it’s OK to take away your “assault rifle”? And cops don’t use AR-15-style rifles for self-defense? So what DO they use them for? Wait, don’t answer.

Just tell me that American gun owners aren’t as stupid as the stupid people who think they’re stupid. Please.