Daily Digest: When I Was a Child


There are more than 5k comments underneath the Washington Post article profiling yours truly. They’re running roughly 5000 to 1 against. The bit that’s attracted the most derision: “After he bought his first gun, he says, ‘I felt grown up. It was like a coming-of-age thing. I felt like an adult.'” The WaPo commentators reckon this statement indicates retarded moral, mental and yes physical development. Haters gotta hate, but this much is true: the moment I started carrying a gun was the moment I became fully independent. I stopped relying on “them” and started relying on myself. Until and unless a person takes that step, they can’t understand its transformative power. And if they don’t understand why anyone would want to take that step it’s not for them. For the rest of you, I’ve got news . . .

Yup, they’re nasty people alright. Liberals on Twitter celebrate murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle examiner.com

I wonder if they know the difference? Media calls Obama’s shotgun a ‘rifle’ washingtontimes.com (Emily forgot to mention hiphopwired.com)

There’s many a true word spoken in jest Gun Sales Soar on Photo of Armed Obama newyorker.com

A TV ad that you didn’t see during the Superbowl.

Lawyers resign in protest (check out the comments section) as ABA supports assault weapons bill introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein abajournal.com

A New York-style rush to disarmament in the Constitution State: Newtown Hearings Giving Way To Expedited Legislative Schedule ctnow.com

Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, aka “Mamito” (courtesy borderlandbeat.com)

That would be the same Lanny Breuer who forgot to stop ATF Operation Fast and Furious, which supplied U.S. gun store guns to Los Zetas’ rivals. ‘Mamito’ [above] Pleads Guilty in U.S. borderlandbeat.com

Forget universal background checks (for a moment). How about a universal magazine (above)?

Same way a 16-ounce soda is legal, in some places. ‘Bump fire’ devices turn rifles into machine guns: How is that legal? csmonitor.com

How is it they treat us like children? “Some weapons have their place in the hands of law-abiding citizens. But not high-powered, assault-like weapons and not magazines that can hold 30 to 100 shells.” Local view: Assault rifles don’t belong in society deluthnewstribune.com