Daily Digest: There Is No Middle Ground

When The People of the Gun contemplate criminals and crazies it reaffirms their belief that they need firearms to protect themselves and their families from evil. Anything that reduces that ability is A) dangerous and B) unconstitutional. When gun control advocates (and plenty of just plain folks) hear about a crime—especially one involving a gun—it reaffirms their belief that guns are too dangerous to allow “in the wild.” They believe civilian disarmament’s best for A) them and B) society. Bottom line: there is no middle ground. As we saw today in California, the battle lines have been drawn. This is going to get real ugly real fast. Meanwhile, more news from the front . . .

Bruce Krafft sends in video [above] of gunnies in line an hour before the civilian disarmament hearing at the MN State Capital.

Check out this url from usatoday.com: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/02/07/nra-interferes-with-atf-operations/1894355/ The headline’s no better: NRA actively worked to weaken gun law enforcement

Syrian sniper holds FN rifle (courtesy Alessio Romenzi @ nydailynews.com)

nydailynews.com inadvertently shoots down the idea that one person with a gun [above] can’t make a difference against a tyrannical government:

After a bomb destroyed her home in Aleppo, killing her 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, an English teacher vowed to take revenge on President Bashar al-Asaad’s troops. She is now one of the few women on the frontlines of the bloody conflict. ‘Now, I will not forget my children’s blood,’ she pledged, ‘and I promise to take revenge.’

Who doesn’t? Department of Homeland Security wants 100 orders of 100,000 rounds of hollow point nine and .40 and 40 orders of 100,000 rounds of ball nine. marketplace.fedbid.com

Shoot-N-C® Targets' thinks pink (courtesy ammoland.com)

Perfect for girly girls and red/green color blind men: Shoot-N-C Pink Reactive Targets ammoland.com

Cops looking for cop killer (courtesy photos.dailybreeze.com)

Don writes: “Check out some of the hardware in use by out local law enforcement in this gallery as they search for one of their own.  They seem to have a little bit of everything! ARs Mini’s, MP5s….. And are those harbor cops using suppressed ARs/M4s? It must be rougher than I remember at the harbor.”

Glock-like trigger spreads to all S&W semis. “The new M&P pistol ad in Guns and Ammo March 2013 issue states: ‘Positive, Tactile Trigger Reset.’ So it looks like S&W is finally producing all the M&P’s with the same trigger pull/reset [like] the Shield’s: the Performance Center sear, a new slide stop assembly and a revision to the trigger bar.” Smith & Wesson forum

DrVino flagged CA Senator Steinberg’s civilian disarmament video. Here’s the response:

DrVino flags CA Senator Steinberg's civilian disarmament press conference

How about NEVER? Holder on gun bill: ‘If not now, when?’ ajc.com