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You may remember Joe Manchin. The West Virginia Senator earned the Armed Intelligentsia’s ire in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook spree killing. Manchin Weebled on gun rights (wobbled but didn’t fall down). Gun control advocates saw his prevarication as a sign that they could finally ram through their unconstitutional agenda. Manchin walked back his walking back. Now he’s so pro-gun he’s wondering ‘Why Would Anybody Not Own A Gun?’ Well exactly. By the same token, why wouldn’t you pack a smoke hood for hotel stays? Because you don’t want to think about the horror necessitating its use. The same aversion principle motivates civilian disarmament. Talk about the gun. Not the crime or the criminal. Anyone who encourages that mindset—even for a single sound bite—puts Americans in harm’s way. More well-intentioned road to hell motoring after the jump . . .

Is that a trick question? ‘Weapon Of War’ Or Just Another Gun? newschannel5.com

Yes. Yes it is. ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama’s Gun Control Crusade mrc.org

(courtesy wilsoncombat.com)

At the risk of encouraging the anti-gunners’ small dick meme, who needs Viagra?

Keep the media out of the gunroom. Court: NY Times’s Request for New York City Gun Owners Violates Law weeklystandard.com 

The first thing to understand about arming teachers is that learning to shoot is not rocket science. Modern firearms are designed to be easily used defensively by ordinary human beings under stress. Millions of new pistol shooters have been amazed that with proper instruction they can shoot pretty well . . .  There is no practical reason that a sufficient number of teachers can’t be trained to defend the children they care about. Those who don’t have the right mindset simply won’t volunteer, but those who do volunteer will be highly motivated.

Curbing gun violence after Newtown: Let’s arm teachers csmonitor.com

Wal-Mart caves to/cuts a deal with the ATF. Lexington [TN] Wal-Mart Stops Carrying Hunting Rifles and Shotguns wnws.com

Tucson gun show (courtesy reuters.com)

All gun control is local Background checks now mandatory at some Tucson gun shows azstarnet.com

Too bad his father didn’t shoot blanks. “I took a chance because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved and now I am carrying his child.” Feds: Killer of NYPD Officers Impregnated Guard officer.com

And then retracts the statement, sadly. State GOP assemblyman calls Cuomo’s pushing of gun control bill ‘dictatorial,’ says Hitler ‘would be proud’ nypost.com