Daily Digest: Indigestible

 Dartford murder scene (courtesy bbc.co.uk)

When gun control advocates want a “real world” example of civilian disarmament’s benefits they tout the UK. Never mind that The Land of Hope and Glory has the highest violent crime rate in Europe, far higher than the U.S. Never mind that Britain’s subjects are not citizens. That the North Sea islanders don’t have the right to silence or, for that matter, a written constitution protecting any of their natural or God-given rights. The Brits have less firearms-related fatalities than us Yanks so . . . there you go. Now that I’m on their side of the pond (again), let me say this about that. If living in the US gave me a one-in-fifty chance of dying from gunfire while living in the UK reduced those odds to zero, I’d still take America just so I wouldn’t have to eat English cuisine. Can you imagine an entire buffet of inedible food?  Meanwhile, here are some nearly indigestible gun control stories from The Land of the Free . . .

Totenglocke writes: “HR 538 is the Democrats’ fourth attempt to ban the FN FiveseveN in eight years. It also looks like they’re trying to broaden it to where they can test any handgun for bullet velocities over a certain threshold and ban them entirely (cannot own, sell, import, buy, etc).”

Last hurrah or Gunageddon?  DiFi gets to be/go on the offensive next Wednesday at 10am EST at a Judiciary Committee “Hearing on the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.” Webcasted live.

New Jersey legislators vote on 20 civilian disarmament bills the following day (Thursday). Call, email, protest but chances are it’s lights out for Garden State gun owners.

Lock-up your guns? That’s it? What about people stealing Dan’s toaster? live.wsj.com

“Banning assault weapons and requiring comprehensive gun registration can help reduce the scourge of guns; but suicides are also an issue of self-responsibility, resting in the hands of largely law-abiding yet careless citizens who make their weapons all too accessible.”

Lock-up your guns? That’s it? What about owners shooting themselves after they unlock their guns? Suicide Made Easier nytimes.com [above]

"This July 28, 2012 photo shows Lindsae MacDuff holding an automatic weapon at the Gun store in Las Vegas after her 'shotgun wedding.'" (courtesy officer.com)

The media thinks Ms. MacDuff should still be sitting shiva. “Never known for its understatement or good taste, Sin City is bucking the national trend of avoiding flippant gun promotions after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting.” Vegas Bucks Trend, Amps Up Gun Promotions officer.com

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 6.32.54 PM

Too much taste for my taste. Beretta’s New Flagship Store in Moscow thefirearmblog.com

Show your hands or die. Grand jury refuses to indict NYPD cop who gunned down National Guardsman during traffic stop nypost.com

Some concealed carry permit holders are more equal—and more generous—than others. [LA] Sheriff Lee Baca and the Gun-Gift Connection laweekly.com

Click on this image for an interactive map of defensive gun uses (courtesy cato.org)

Click here for cato.org’s interactive map of defensive gun uses (screen cap above).

A gun murder story in the UK? Who’d a thunk it. “Mr McKinley, who police believe came from nearby Stone, was shot in Overy Street on Tuesday. He was found with a bullet wound and died later in hospital.” Dartford pair accused of Kevin McKinley gun murder bbc.co.uk [pic at the top of this post]