Daily Digest: Hell No

 Kent State (courtesy laprogressive.com)

I remember the late-60’s. America was split in two: pro-war vs. anti-war. Short hair vs. long hair. Domestic cars vs. foreign. Pablum pop vs. protest music. Highballs vs. getting high. Republicans vs. Democrats. As Ralph recently reminded me, you can sum up the tension between these two camps in two words: Kent State. Or one image (above). The gun control rolling downhill in New Englands’ Democratic strongholds is headed in the same direction: violence against a protesting populace. Except this time the populace is bunkered and armed. Sad to say, I can foresee a dozen Ruby Ridges led by ATF (the National Guard won’t play this time). And then . . . a return to Constitutional sanity via the ballot box. Worst case? Best case? In any case, here’s the news . . .

The new generations of [Swiss] citizen soldiers have demonstrated that the respect their forefathers had for the military gun no longer exists. As a result, new preventive measures had to be taken: while military guns are still stored at home, the ammunition is now stored at the arsenal. Nowadays, the assault weapon must be disassembled and stored in two separate closets. This way, if anyone steals the gun, they will be left with a useless piece of steel instead of an agent of death.

This Is How They Hijacked My Country huffingtonpost.com

A new anti-gun metric animated here for maximum impact. Click here for the top 15 causes of death for 2010.

Full speed ahead Mr. Boatswain, full speed ahead. Rep. Gwen Moore: Will Right to Bear Arms Lead to People Owning Submarines? newsbusters.org

If “weapons of war don’t belong in our schools” does that mean cops can’t use AR-15s against active shooters?

FYI: civilian disarmament is alive and well at the state level. Assault Weapons Ban Likely To Die So That Broader Gun Policy Legislation Can Live huffingtonpost.com


I don’t think “packing heat” means what they think it means. 13 Photos of Presidents Packing Heat motherjones.com

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 8.58.03 PM

That’s MISTER gun nut. Hundreds of Confused Anti-Gun People Think I’m a Gun Nut—And That This Is My Gun kotaku.com

Not so quietly, now. The World’s Hottest Hedge Fund, Tiger Global, Has Quietly Sold Its Gun Stock forbes.com

Quietly now. “Georgia State Senator Bill Heath has introduced Senate Bill 93, a bill which would allow hunting with suppressors in Georgia.” aacblog.com