Daily Digest: Did Slowly Go By

The battle over gun rights is a struggle between people who understand and value the American political system and those who could no more describe the workings of our Constitutional republic than ask Shlomit Malka for a date in her native tongue. I don’t see the general public’s ignorance—and the resulting support for civilian disarmament—as a conspiracy by left-leaning academics to undermine our way of life one pig-ignorant student at a time. I see citizens’ mindless acquiescence to the Progressive agenda as a reflection of our system’s success. Our government works so peaceably (in the main) that citizens don’t have to give gun rights any serious thought. Until they bloody well do. Literally. Let’s hope we don’t get to that point. Meanwhile, back at Stately Wayne Manor . . .

Welcome to Wayne’s World.

Forbes reckons NRA Winning the Influence Battle Over Gun Control. Tell that to New York residents. Or gun owners living in California, Connecticut, Maryland,  Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Hawaii. Did I miss anyone?

msnbc.com‘s Jen Brockman says fear of government abandonment is The real fear that fuels the gun-rights movement Just take out the word “abandonment” and they’re not far wrong.

What about the media’s fear that a crazed gunman isn’t using an assault rifle? Red-handed: Associated Press caught inserting “assault rifle” into Alabama hostage standoff bob-owens.com

Inalienable rights don’t have a “ground.” Gun debate: Where is the middle ground? cnn.com

Inalienable rights don’t end at the school gates. South Dakota House passes bill allowing school districts to arm teachers foxnews.com

I have a sudden desire to hear Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator. Click here to get your very own Laser Activated Shot Reporter.

It stops being phony when it starts being you. The phony pro-gun argument washingtonpost.com

For example . . . Rape victim’s lawsuit dismissed ksl.com

And again . . . Indiana murderer mistakenly released from Cook County Jail chicagotribune.com

Thank God Nutnfancy wasn’t around when General James Dozier was a hostage. (The loud music in question was AC-DC.)

Maybe we should force kids to listen to NPR in the schools. Beats the heck out of Time for Kids (which involves actual reading). Study: Most Gun Deaths Happen Outside Of Mass Shootings