Daily Digest: If It Saves One Child

Armed guard at El Dorado private school in Scottsdale Arizona (courtesy myfoxphoenix.com)

Carrying a gun in Rhode Island means I can’t slip into Condition White. If nothing else, I have to be aware of who might be aware that I’m carrying a gun in case they freak. I find that particularly ironic when I’m in a target rich/gun-free environment, especially one filled with children. There I am, the only armed first responder should a maniac pull a Newtown, worrying about being mistaken for a bad guy. Still, as the Brits say, needs must. I need to protect my daughter. So I protect my daughter. It’s the same primal urge that led parents to subsidize an armed officer at a Scottsdale school [story at myfoxphoenix.com]. Truth be told, it’s the same primal urge that drives civilian disarmament supporters. The crucial difference: we only have to be right once. They have to be right all the time. More boneheaded ballistic bombast after the jump . . .

Blaming the NRA for “gun violence” is like blaming the Mormons for Internet porn.

Thank God we live in Wayne’s world. 5 things harder to buy than guns marketwatch.com

Then again, New York:

I understand the politics of it, but I’m very proud that this state passed a comprehensive, common-sense gun-control law that is reasonable, that is balanced, that does not affect hunters, does not affect sportsmen,” Cuomo told reporters in Poughkeepsie. “It’s about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, about keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals. And that everybody should be able to agree on.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo usatoday.com

Man gestures whilst holding a gun at a weapons store in a market in Arhab

Works here. Works there. Works everywhere. “In the meantime, Yemen’s ever-fragile stability rests on the unsettling fact that, as Mohammed Abdul Lahoum, a tribal Sheikh and prominent politician put it, “Every side knows that if you’re going to bring your gun, somebody else has a bigger gun.” Gun Control, Yemen-Style theatlantic.com

Ruger mini-14 with bells on (courtesy fmgpublications.ipaperus.com)It’s all tactical. Guns Magazine April 2013

New York City fare jumper found with firearm lands himself 7 years in prison over $2. Any priors? nypost.com

Police: Inauguration performer’s killing was case of mistaken identity Any priors? cnn.com

“Don’t blink. That’s enough time for North America’s wild hog population to grow larger.” D’oh! email blast from Winchester re: .44 Rem Mag extension to their Razorback XT ammo line.

Gun shows returning to TV? Lords of War on NatGeo tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9pm EST.