Daily Digest: Are We Not Men?

I feel sorry for people who don’t “get” guns. And they feel sorry for those who do. It’s not just our blatant lack of respect for collective institutions that sticks in their craw, although they clearly consider anyone who utters the word “tyranny” both anti-social and paranoid. It’s our “unsophisticated” acceptance of the existence of evil and our “delusional” belief that we can, personally, counter it. Actually, it’s worse than that. Anti-gunners believe that The People of the Gun perpetuate violence. For our adversaries, shooting a gun is an act of violence, even if it’s aimed at a piece of paper. Hell, owning a gun is an act of violence. There’s enough irony in that point-of-view to power a hundred Winston Churchill aphorisms. And there’s nothing, not a damn thing, we can do about it. Except cling to our bibles and religion, do our civic duty, and stay on the lookout for signs. Cheerfully provided after the jump . . .


True dat.

Also true, but nowhere near as heartening as you’d hope: “69 percent said they believe it is more important to control gun violence than protect gun ownership.” Poll: Concern in N.J. about gun violence dips toward pre-Sandy Hook levels nj.com

Those who can’t, preach [On gun control, banning semiautomatics isn’t the answer washingtonpost.com]:

To get some idea about the shooting skills that a shield officer would need, Lyon set up a “hostage rescue” exercise for me to try: I would use several kinds of guns — including the AR-15 — to shoot a paper target where the bad guy’s head was partially visible behind a “hostage.” At just 20 feet away, muscles in the hand tighten. Just the idea of having to make a sure shot — on a stationary piece of paper, no less — causes the nerves to twitch. No amount of training could prepare a “volunteer” to make that shot in real life.

Kim Karashian's diamond encrusted derringer (courtesy eonline.com)

Secretly dating a Mexican drug lord? Kim Kardashian Posts Gun Photo [above], Sparks Outrage eonline.com

Too many people and not enough eyes to see. “I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone.” Bruce Willis: Don’t Infringe on the Second Amendment defendgunrights.com

(courtesy wallsofthecity.net)

Failing to report a lost or stolen gun in Barack’s ‘hood? $2k. Watching the City’s first concealed carry licensees get their permit? Priceless. Plan Aimed at Illegal Guns in Chicago Approved officer.com

The CT pol who wants to ban all magazine-fed firearms claims death threats. I’m thinking  he should carry a blunderbuss. More needs to be done to stop gun violence nhregister.com

Carbine movement (courtesy americanrifleman.com)

Move with practiced care? Just freakin’ GET OFF THE X! Moving with a Carbine americanrifleman.com

I had to double check I wasn’t on The OnionWhy Does the Cry for Gun Control Become Impassioned Only When White Kids Are Shot? truth-out.org

Who didn’t see that one coming? Texas Gun Shop Owner Not Happy With CNN, Piers Morgan: ‘They Completely Misrepresented What I Wanted to Get Across theblaze.com [autoplays ad]