CT Gun Owners Staring Down the Barrel of Confiscation

Connecticut Against Gun Violence (courtesy cavg.org)

I used a CAGV (Connecticut Against Gun Violence) PSA in our Question of the Day, and linked to the org’s agenda. I’m republishing it here because it’s important to recognize a simple fact: the forces of civilian disarmament are all in. Before Sandy Hook, it was all about being for the Second Amendment, but. Now it’s ram through as much gun control legislation as possible. Yes, the possibilities are narrowing on the national level; unless there’s another horrific attack in the next few months, the chances of a federal assault weapons ban are lower than the chances I’ll link this sentence to a non-Israeli model. (See what I did there?) Meanwhile, the lights are going out up and down New England. NY’s ban on in-state transfer is de facto confiscation. Is CT next? Send those emails, make those calls and watch this space. And make the jump to get your dander up . . .

The Nation Is Calling Out For Connecticut To Lead By Passing Strong, Smart Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

Please pass legislation that:

1. Strengthens our assault weapons ban with a focus on improving current list and strengthening functionality features; apply “one military feature” test to definition of assault weapons. Bans possession and sale with no grandfathering.

2. Bans large capacity ammunition magazines of more than 7 rounds. No grandfathering.

3. Requires universal background checks on ALL sales and transfers, including long guns.

4. Requires registration of handguns with annual renewal. Require annual fee and annual background check for all guns owned; stipulation that they are still in the possession of original purchaser or transferee; explanation for any gun still not being in their possession. Require safety inspection every three years. Charge fee on initial registration and renewal.

5. Make gun owners liable for negligent storage if any person gains access to firearms and injures himself or another person or causes damage to property. The violation would be a Class D felony

6. Requires permit/license to purchase and carry all guns, including long guns, and to purchase ammunition

7. Prohibits sales of guns or ammunition via internet to CT residents.

8. Restricts handgun sales to one gun/month.

Other issues recommended by others and supported by CAG

 50% tax on ammunition sales. Finished ammunition, not components.

 Graded permits based on level of training and proficiency (recommended by gun

owners and NRA members).

 Liability insurance required for gun owners (most popular with the public).

 Microstamping of bullet casings

 A truly comprehensive bill that will stop these massacres (most consistent plea from the public)