Connecticut State Police Will Release Sandy Hook Report in June/July


Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police (courtesy

Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police [above] categorically denies reports that spree killer Adam Lanza stopped at the Newtown High School before driving to Sandy Hook Elementary. “There was no other school involved,” Vance told TTAG. Vance revealed that the full incident report—a document that will be several hundred pages long—will include “anything and everything related to the case, including any visual evidence [i.e. dashcam, officer and/or security video].” When asked why the report is taking so long to prepare, Vance bristled. “Have you ever investigated the murder of 26 victims?” According to Vance, a standard State Police murder investigation takes anywhere between six to 14 weeks. The officer’s short fuse has a lot to do with rumors surrounding the weapon used. “There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation out there,” Vance said at the end of our call. “The murderer used a Bushmaster XM15.”