Caracal C Held Hostage: Day 104

Maggie guards the Carcacal C (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I reckon the Caracal C with Quick Sights is the world’s finest carry gun. Fast, ergonomic, accurate and reliable. OK, maybe not so reliable. In fact, the company has fessed-up to two instances where a C hit the deck and discharged. (No one was injured.) Readers younger than 50 (i.e. those with a long term memory) will recall that Caracal issued a recall, offering a full refund. They also said they’d repair any of the roughly 10k guns sold, promising to git ‘er done in January. Yes, well, it turns out both the trigger bar assembly and the frame need replacing. As the frame is the gun, all Caracals must RTB to the UAE. Caracal’s now set on replacing all customers’ old guns with a brand new drop-safe version, repairing the old ones and selling them somewhere. By mid-March. FWIW I’m still in withdrawal.