BREAKING: New Gabrielle Giffords Public Safety Ad

Does former Congress critter Gabrielle Giffords even know what the “this” she’s recommending is? I know that sounds harsh, but Giffords’ Americans for Responsible Solutions PSA is no more specific in its aims than the Mayors Against Illegal Guns‘ “Demand a Plan” agit-prop. According to the ARS petition, “Two reasonable solutions you could pass that would reduce violence while protecting responsible ownership would be universal background checks for gun purchases, and limiting the availability of high capacity magazines.” Yeah; that’s gonna do it. What really nauseates me (even more than the civilian disarmament movement’s shameless waving of the bloody shirt): Giffords’ reminder that she’s a gun owner. Any gun owner that lines up behind Giffords’ not-so-final solution is selling the Second Amendment down the river. Whether they know it or not. [h/t pk in AZ]