BREAKING: 3rd District Court Upholds NJ’s One-Gun-a-Month Law

Frank Caso, in his Caso’s Gun-A-Rama in Jersey City. (courtesy

“New Jersey’s law that limits handgun purchases to one per month was just upheld by the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals creating a federal law foundation for other states to follow,” Larry Bodine writes at [Click here for the ruling.] “So far, California and Maryland have one-gun-a-month laws along with the Garden State, which has among the strongest gun laws in the country.” I don’t think “strongest” means what I wish it meant. Anyway, Bodine wastes no time both gloating and putting the boot to the NRA. “The challenge to the New Jersey One Gun law came from a unit of the NRA, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs. The NRA has pursued a strategy of using litigation to eliminate gun-safety laws one at a time, which increases the sales and profits of the arms industry that funds the NRA . . . New Jersey could set a national precedent.” Heaven forfend.