Australian Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Of course, proponents of civilian disarmament won’t see it that way. It’s not that gun control doesn’t work in Australia, they’ll say, it’s just that it doesn’t work perfectly. Even if there are guns in the UK’s former prison colony, there aren’t as many guns. And that means there’s less gun crime there than here. So there is better than here. See? No Newtowns! Well, since 1996. Sigh. Setting aside differences in demographics, geography and culture, there it is folks: thousands of illegal guns in a gun-free paradise. And those are just the heaters the coppers confiscated. Surprised? Only if you’re a willfully ignorant utopian or a secret statist. I wonder how many otherwise law-abiding citizens have tooled-up down under. The need for armed self-defense doesn’t stop when the government says it does. [h/t James]