RECOIL Magazine’s New Editor: Iain Harrison

To say that RECOIL Magazine got off to a rocky start is an understatement. Just as they were starting to pick up steam, their editor was roasted for a comment he made about how a certain firearm shouldn’t be available to the public. The backlash was swift and severe, as one would expect from the gun rights community. But RECOIL magazine seems to have put itself on the right track, hiring Iain Harrison for the recently vacated editor’s slot . . .

For those of you who don’t know, Iain is one of the good guys. Despite being from the United Kingdom originally, he’s become a true gun guy. He’s the anti-Piers Morgan. In fact, if the two ever shook hands I’m pretty sure they would annihilate like a proton and an anti-proton.

Iain comes to Recoil from his previous position at Crimson Trace, where he produced the most bad-ass marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. Before that he won Top Shot, and before that he was in the military or something. Anyway, you get the point — he has a bit of a pedigree.

Hopefully this changing of the guard will get RECOIL on the right track. Because as much as we don’t like a well-funded competitor gunning against us, we dislike false flag gun publications even more.