Question of the Day: Are You Ready for Take A Newbie Shooting Day?


At my day job, the idea behind “Take A Newbie Shooting Day” has really taken hold. Even in the more remote offices of the company I work for, plans are afoot to take some of the new hires and younger people out to the range and let them fire their first shots. We’ve been talking about how the gun control advocates are using an emotional argument to cloud the judgement of legislators, but I think we can use their own tools against them. I know I was hooked after firing my first rounds, and the emotional argument for our side becomes a whole lot easier to make if you’re talking to a newly minted enthusiast. That’s the idea behind the March 9th National Take A Newbie Shooting Day being organized by yours truly and promoted by people such as the Firearms Policy Coalition. But the question remains: are you ready? Have you made plans?