Pro-Gun Control Politicians Stack the Deck at MN Senate Hearing


The first round of civilian disarmament hearings in Minnesota didn’t go the way gun control advocates wanted. Gun rights supporters showed up in force, dominating the proceedings (in a good way). Local pro-disarmament papers claimed the hearings were unfair; their guys had been “bullied” out of the room. Our sources tell us the Senate’s learned from the House’s experience and are stacking the deck. They’re handing out tickets to the Senate hearing room in a 50 – 50 split: 40 tickets for gun rights supporters and 40 for the gun control advocates. This despite the fact that over 150 pro-2A folks showed up vs. about 40 gun control advocates . . .

So the Powers That Be have made it look like citizens are equally motivated and evenly divided on the issue of civilian disarmament. The exact same thing happened in Maryland. A hearing on gun control alternated between one hour of pro-2A commentary with one hour of gun control advocacy—even after the civilian disarmament enthusiasts had long since run out and the pro-2A line was out the door.

This “fairness” isn’t “fair.” There isn’t a 50-50 split on gun rights in terms of intensity. Polls show support for new gun control measures. In reality, most voters don’t care that much one way or the other. Would they like an assault weapons ban? Sure! But they’re not going to get off their ass to do anything about it. And they sure aren’t going to use it as a litmus test for the next election.

For those of us who are about to have our property and our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms trampled upon, however, it’s extremely friggin’ important.

What we’re seeing is the biggest push for increased gun control ever, and it’s coming at a time when more Americans than ever own guns. It’s coming at a time when the newly elected president barely got 50 percent of the popular vote against the worst candidate I’ve seen from the Republican field in my lifetime.

The things most people do care about, like the economy and unemployment, aren’t getting better, are being pushed aside for these gun control bills. And despite doing everything in their power to make it seem like gun rights supporters are bullies, they can’t rouse enough supporters on their own side to even make it a fair fight. They have to impose rules to level the playing field for themselves.

Next November’s elections can’t come soon enough. Hopefully not literally.