Operation Mountain Standard: FOAD to Colorado’s Mag Limit Law

Ruger Mini-14 30-round magazine (courtesy taylorgunsmithing.com)

Reddit is quickly becoming a breeding ground for some fashion forward gun rights advocacy ideas in these troubled times. One idea that’s taken off is Operation Mountain Standard. The idea is to flood the state of Colorado with 30-round magazines before the (expected) magazine capacity limit takes effect. Gabe Suarez got this ball started by selling mag bundles only to Centennial Staters. But that was only one company and they quickly ran out of inventory. The Reddit ploy draws on a bigger resource and is pretty cool . . .

The plan is pretty simple: people from all across the country (but specifically those states where freedom isn’t about to be skewered) send their spare 30-round magazines to a specific address in Colorado. Then, locals flood the market with relatively cheap magazines, selling them for well below the pre-scare market price.

While that’s all well and good for Colorado residents (and a gigantic FOAD to the legislature since all these magazines would be grandfathered), the real power is that all proceeds will be donated to gun rights advocacy groups such as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners to help fight the good fight.

From Reddit, here are the details:

Hey folks, thought I’d compile where the fundraiser is now and what needs to be done:

  • We officially have a venue: this will be taking place at Boulder Gunsport, Boulder Colorado. They’re just a block away from the Pearl Street Mall.
  • Date is set to March 16.
  • A PO Box has been set up; donations can be sent to:

Operation Mountain Standard

PO Box 2497

Longmont, CO 80502

  • We need a website. Something very simple and concise that outlines the event. Can someone spring for this?
  • Still deciding on what the minimum donation will be for the magazines; the idea now is $10 minimum for pistol mags, $20 for rifle mags.
  • Several Colorado redditors PMed me volunteering to help. Awesome! I have a pagoda tent we’ll be using, but simple items like tables, chairs, and a lock box are needed. Also, we’ll need volunteers to walk Pearl Street Mall with signs directing people to our event.
  • Lastly, to make one point abso-fuckin-lutely clear, NO volunteers, myself included, will be compensated in any way, including snagging magazines.

I’d like to hear thoughts, ideas, etc. on how we can make this better. I may be running it, but it’s YOUR magazines that are being donated. I want your input.

If Gawker thought selling a single rifle was scary, the mind boggles in anticipation of their reaction to this . . .