NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Background Checks (LIVE 10 PM ET / 9 PM CT)


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31 Responses to NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Background Checks (LIVE 10 PM ET / 9 PM CT)

  1. avatarAnonymous says:

    Oh God, oh please, let the NRA get somebody else to do these!

    • avatarOK S. says:

      Put your money where your mouth is. Join the NRA. It’s the members who get to tell them what to do.

    • avatarblehtastic says:

      People often complain about how old and out of touch our senators and our representatives are. Wayne is a perfect match for these legislators. There’s a reason that he has the job that he has. He’s well tasked to getting his point across to them. It’s utterly irrelevant whether he gets that point across to us.

      That’s why we have FPSRussia.

  2. avatarmark_anthony_78 says:

    As much as I support the NRA (as a member) I do think Wayne is starting to become a bit toxic to the message(s) that they should be sending. Maybe he’s great for “preaching to the choir” but seems a bit too polarizing for those who are on the fence or disagree with us.

    As a side note – the past few times there have been NRA interviews or speeches on TV, I get the email asking me to watch them about 2-3 hours AFTER they occur…

    Still haven’t gotten any notice of this anywhere except on TTAG. If they can’t even communicate with their members in a timely manner they need to fix something.

  3. avatardon says:

    I think Chris Cox or David Keene are much better spokesmen and they need to keep Wayne out of the public view.

  4. avatardwb says:

    i am already cringing at the Huffingtonpost headlines. Crazy gun nut Wayne LaPierre backs felons with guns! We need common sense solutions to the public health crisis! ugh.

    What we really need is some really good examples of how the gun control is a complete failure, libs who wont stop with AWB, and a diverse set of middle american homeowners who have repelled attacks.

    Isn’t Tom Selleck on the NRA board, maybe he should give LaPierre some pointers.

    • avatarblehtastic says:

      What we really need are cheaper CNC machines and crash courses you can take at your local community college.

  5. avatarRKBA says:




  6. avatarScottG says:

    My name is Wayne LaPierre, I respond to complaints that I was untimely early by being fashionably late.

  7. avatarBud says:

    I am a long time supporter of the NRA but time for Wayne tp retire.

    He cannot deliver a speech (and somebody else can’t write one), is not charistmatic and projects the wrong image

  8. avatarParker says:

    I don’t like Wayne. Time for him to go. He didn’t check the chamber on that bolt action Remington they just handed him. Fail.

  9. avatarSubZ says:

    That wasn’t bad.

  10. avatarVaqueroJustice says:

    Wayne seemed a bit more focused tonight, he only lost his train of thought once.
    I still think Tom Selleck would make a better spokesperson, though, as Wayne
    has become too divisive, and is considered to be a loon. It isn’t his fault, though,
    the libtards would make any spokesman for the NRA out to be a loon, and the media will follow in lockstep right behind them.
    Tom Selleck is already known to the public at large, and a character assassination upon him might be a bit harder.

  11. avatarWyocowboy says:

    It was a decent speech. He really believes in what he says, but Colion Noir, Dan Bongino, or Robert Farrago could present it better. I think they need to hire a spokesman for Wayne who could handle the media appearances while Wayne does the behind-the-scenes work.

    • avatarGene says:

      There’s a gun poll there, too.

      Quoth the WaPo

      >> Gun control laws

      Do you support stricter gun-licensing requirements in the wake of the Newtown shootings?

      Notice it says “gun-licensing requirements”. Idiots.

  12. avatarAnmut says:

    I just got done reading that rhino republicans in the senate are ready to “compromise” with the democrats to get universal background checks passed.

    Say hello to your new gun registry folks! Next up, mandatory mental health screenings! Then, mandatory gun confiscation for anyone that doesn’t agree with the MSM and main stream politicians!

    In other news – it’s time for these politicians to fucking retire, either out of shame (good luck), through votes, or through legal force.

    Republican Sens. John McCain (Ariz.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Susan Collins (Maine).
    You are TRAITORS and deserve to be treated as such.

    • avatarandarm16 says:

      Yep, this is how legislation is passed. By the serious people working in smoky rooms. A serious person from the party that opposes the measure will wring some meaningless compromise, and then everyone else will pile on it, least they be mistaken for an “extremist.”

      (Do I get my thirty dollars back for my not yet extant, but soon to be useless C&R since I would have had it for such a short time before the law takes effect?)

  13. avatartjlarson2k says:

    Wayne is doing what he can, but he’s no Charlton Heston. He just seems very passive even when he raises his voice.

    I’d hate for Wayne to ever have to go up against Obama or Biden on televised discussion or debate over gun legislation — he would just appear diminutive and halting in comparison.

    We just need someone with a strong, clear voice that can deliver speeches, someone that can deliver a clear smooth message and be well versed in history, the constitution and firearms.

    • avatarTama Paine says:

      Charlton Heston (whom I always found, and still do, super hot) would be ignored today because he’d be considered too threatening.

      Remember what he said: he, the liberal Democrat, stayed still. American society changed. He became so irrelevant that two generations of Michael Moore bots could puff up and feel superior over The Flint Whale abusing the elder Heston’s hospitality.

      I find LaPierre just fine for what he does, which is to put a reasonable, slightly milquetoast-ish face on a civil liberties organization that somehow was recast as the greatest enemy of civilization since /Yersinia pestis/ bore the love child of Genghis Khan (Ebola virus).

      NRA champions the inborn right of common people to use lethal force to stop threats to their safety and freedom. In this era, that is considered tantamount to despotism (when the real despots are the one who wish to abrogate that right, and to redefine as mentally ill anyone who exercises it). This is a powerful right, a life and death right. Mr. LaPierre manner is, IMO, appropriate in the current communications/media ecology. And why/how on earth would he ever be in a position to “debate Obama or Biden”??? That would be such an addle-pated dog-and-pony bread-and-circuses mash-up that it would require a Thunderdome and sharp things.

      Biden as Master, or Blaster?

  14. avatarGw says:

    Once Universal Background Checks are implemented, the Citizen’s birthright to Keep and Bear Arms is history. Period.
    UBC’s = registration = increased regulation, taxation, permitting, requirement for insurance & renewals for permits, home inspections, bans and finally confiscation.
    BTW, watch what happens to the Citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the Nationalized Healthcare system. Once everyone is forced to enroll, the mantra will be how unfair it is for people who don’t even own GUNS to be forced to pay for the obviously preventable but exorbitant and unnecessary costs of treating GUNSHOT WOUNDS. “Well, Mr. And Mrs. America, you’ll just have to Turn Them All In.”

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