Just Arrived: Lionheart LH9

Lionheart LH9, courtesy Nick Leghorn

I had never heard of Lionheart firearms or their LH9 series until RF forwarded an email from them offering a gun for review. And even then, looking at the pictures online I wasn’t particularly impressed. In fact, even as I picked it up at the FFL I was still bewildered as to what was so new and cool. I mean, it’s a DA/SA gun with no apparent decocker and a frame-mounted safety. Whoop-de-friggin’ do. That is, until I finally figured out what makes it so interesting. There’s no decocker because it doesn’t need one. Simply push the hammer forward, and it drops just behind the firing pin, safely tucked away. Then, a light touch on the trigger and the hammer snaps back to full cock and single action mode. No need for double action at all. But time (and gunpowder) will tell. We’ll have a full report on how it works sometime in the next week or so. Stay tuned.