IRS Dragging its Feet on Defense Distributed Tax Exempt Status


OK, this one is pretty funny. Defense Distributed are the guys who are working on the WikiWeapon project — 3D-printable firearms and magazines. They’ve seen some success so far, and all indications are that they will succeed sooner or later. In furtherance of their goal, they’re trying to be all legal and stuff, and have gone as far as to file for tax exempt status for their entity which would keep them from paying taxes and possibly make donations to DD tax deductible (as they are making no profit and are operating almost exactly like the Brady Campaign . . . only with an achievable goal). However, the IRS appears to need a little more time to decide if they qualify for that status. It’ll be extremely interesting if the IRS declines their application to see what reason they give, if they give one at all. And I’m sure the ensuing court case would be highly entertaining.