Going Too Far: Mayors Dropping From MAIG

Just about everything about the Mayors Against Illegal Guns organization is designed to be deceive. The name would have you believe that the organization is only opposed to illegal guns. But based on their statements and recently-produced propaganda, it’s clear they believe all guns are illegal — or should be — even when owned by law-abiding citizens. Their recent “poll” shows more bias and distortion than spending an hour in the waiting room of an L.A. plastic surgeon. But it looks like some of the MAIG mayors are finally catching on, and distancing themselves from the Bloomberg-created gun control monster it’s become. Make the jump for a letter sent by Rancho Cucamonga, CA Mayor Dennis Michael asking to have his name scrubbed from MAIG’s rolls . . .

Dear Mr. Levinson,

This is a formal request to immediately remove my name, and the city of Rancho Cucamonga, from any and all future correspondence, advertisement  petitions or lists of cities, and mayors, who support the Mayors Against Illegal guns movement. On behalf of the City, I originally signed on in 2011 because of concerns about criminals who possess, use and traffic in illegal guns. Since that time, however, and particularly with the recent developments at the national level in support of stricter gun control laws for everyone, mandatory background checks at all venues, and efforts to restrict firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens, it has become clear that the Mayors Against Illegal Guns movement supports far broader gun control measures than I originally believed.

Further, my constituents have expressed their concerns to me recently, and indeed their opposition, to the manner in which the City’s name, and my name, are being used in the media as an agency, and an elected official, that supports broad based gun control. While I still support efforts to pubish criminals who possess, use and traffic in illegal guns, I am also a supporter of the Second Amendment and I do not agree with, nor do I want to be a part of, efforts to restrict legitimate gun ownership in a broader context. In light of the prominent goal that Mayors Against Illegal Guns is playing in the larger national debate currently taking place on this matter, it would be inappropriate for me to further lend my support to your cause. Therefore, pleaase immediately remove my name, and the city of Rancho Cucamonga, from all further lists of mayors and agencies that are part of your coalition.

L. Dennis Michael