Gawker is Shocked, Shocked! That Legal Firearms are Sold on the Internet

Gawker’s Adrian Chen has been called out before as being one of new media’s biggest “click whores” and gun control advocates. And today’s sensationalist title just reinforces his reputation. When he stumbled across the above (very nice looking) rifle legally for sale on Reddit, apparently the mere sight of the gun combined with the Reddit alien logo engraved in the lower was enough for him to soil his Underoos. Which, in turn, led to his article titled “‘Reddit Assault Rifle’ Is The Most Terrifying Thing On The Internet and It’s For Sale on Reddit Right Now.” . . .

It’s all part of the effort to demonize guns and gun owners. The tools are scary and anyone who owns them is mere seconds away from a shooting spree.

On that same front, one Reddit user named Gabour has begun re-posting pictures of other Reddit users’ firearms collections under the title “If this redditor snaps…” (example here). This is the emotional argument that is being made against the 50% of Americans who own guns, portraying them as rednecks and psychopaths. Which is exactly the same as associating black people with chicken and watermelon.