Daily Digest: Inmates Running the Asylum Edition

RF is off flying somewhere for some reason, leaving Dan and myself in charge of posting content. Which means that we’re on the hook for the daily digest. And while there may not be a whole heck of a lot of news that we haven’t covered yet, there’s always some overflow in the bilge . . .

This is why the CLEO sign-off needs to go: “So far, Steube has refused to sign every request that’s come across his desk, a document known as a BATF Form 4.” [Herald Tribune]

Maryland poll shows support for armed guards in schools, weak support for AWB despite politicians’ insistence that it’s all just “common sense.” [Poll]

Colorado house passes “high cap” magazine limit, looking to pass even more draconian laws tomorrow. Still not official, hence no pants-browning post about it. Yet. [Denver Post]

Washington legislature introduces an assault weapons ban bill for consideration. More info and a breakdown when I’m not as hung over. [Bill]

Boston citizens are looking to kill some of the firearms license restrictions currently in place. Good luck in the current political climate. [Telegraph]

Maine is like the Texas of New England, with a governor that has now pledged not to infringe on rights while speaking at a gun rights rally. [Bangor Daily News]

SKD Tactical is selling magazines at market (high) pricing in order to discourage people from buying them, marking them up, and re-selling them. But they’re taking the difference between “normal” price and the new “OMG” price and donating it to the NRA. Not a bad idea. [SKD]

Democrats in Illinois are trying to derail the court-mandated concealed carry bill, but may inadvertently make Illinois a Constitutional Carry state. Nice quote from our friend Todd there as well. [Quincy Journal]

Nevada Democrat is literally a gun grabber after getting hold of a cop’s gun. [Yahoo!]

Some news orgs are saying Dorner was using a 50 BMG rifle during the last part of his standoff. At the very least, he may have had it in his possession. Which, for California, is illegal for everyone but the police. [CBS]