Bing: SOTU Gun Control Message Poorly Received by Focus Groups


Something that has really taken off in recent years for cable networks covering the State of the Union address is putting a bunch of people in a cramped room, forcing them to watch the speech and asking them to twiddle a knob based on whether they like what they hear. Almost like something out of Clockwork Orange, if you think about it. Anyway, what we get out of that focus group is an interesting breakdown of what parts of the President’s speech went over well with the allegedly representative group and which parts they didn’t like. And according to one such poll, they weren’t partial to the President’s pro-gun control message . . .

From what I can see, it looks like as soon as Obama started talking about gun control his numbers drooped. People didn’t like what he had to say. Overall they disagreed, or were at best indifferent. Democrats, who were cross-eyed and sweaty over the the Commander in Chief’s other proposals, had a tiny spike that quickly disappeared back into overall indifference over the gun control comments. In short, Dems didn’t seem to care.

That’s pretty much on par with what we’re seeing nation wide. A recent study found that while gun control is on the national agenda, its WAY down the list of what people think are the most important issues facing the nation. Jobs and the economy dominate what people are most concerned about, with gun control ranking something like 18th out of 21 issues.

What’s really interesting is how closely the independent voters agreed with the Republicans. While Obama may not need to worry about re-election anymore, the Democratic members of congress could have some tough fights ahead of them. And in races where independent voters gave those politicians their margins of victory, it’s likely that they will find themselves out of a job if their opponents are able to make gun control one of the major issues of the next election campaign.

If these numbers are to be believed, we might see gun control slipping back into the background on a national level. Thanks (ironically) in part to Dianne Feinstein’s full-speed charge against our civil rights, the gun owners of America were mobilized and pushed back hard. However, while the battle is going well for gun owners on the national level, the war will be won or lost on the state level.