Selling Unregistered Silencers

Yeah, that title may be a little on the sensational side, but this is actually a pretty good example of how ridiculous US gun laws are. We all remember the Econo-Can, the registered adapter you can buy that threads an oil filter onto your .22lr firearm and makes a rockin’-awesome silencer. As the adapter is the registered part, you can buy new oil filters as the old ones wear out. In theory, at least, since the ATF appears to have an issue with replacing parts. But if you don’t want to wait the 10 months and pay for the specialized adapter, it turns out that Amazon is helpfully selling an identical part for a mere $20. In fact, you can make a silencer from parts lying around in your garage if you put your mind to it. Probably not legal, but physically possible. Which should make you stop and realize that gun control doesn’t actually work in a world where just about every part and adapter your little heart desires can be bought on Amazon or printed on a 3D printer.