That Wouldn’t Have Happened if He Carried a Glock 7


When I was taken to the local ER recently, suffering pain that felt like someone had inserted a Visegrips into the innards on my right side and was steadily twisting, the medical pros diagnosed the problem as kidney stones. And they took a nice commemorative photo of the little bastards by passing me through a CT scanner after administering some wonderful chemical assistance so I could stop writhing and lay still long enough to complete the test. Even through my drug-addled haze, I noticed all of the signs warning of a strong magnetic field as they wheeled me into the room with the big doughnut. Unfortunately, one Chicago cop wasn’t as observant . . .

After a report of a robbery at a local medical facility, the cop in question was apparently there doing a little old fashioned police work, snooping around to see what’s what. We get the lowdown on the LEO from

When an investigating officer stepped into an MRI room at the medical centre in East St. Charles Road, the powerful scanning machine pulled his gun away and fixed it on to the medical device.

Because of the danger of having an uncontrollable weapon in the office and the fact the magnetism could not be shut off, the building was cordoned off and no-one was allowed to enter.

I’d have paid cash money to watch them pry that (loaded) heater off of a 2-ton magnet.