Ruger Getting Back in the Shotgun Biz?

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Is Ruger getting back in the shotty business? Let’s give the Magic Eight Ball a shake and . . . all signs point to yes! Eagle-eyed reader Jim noticed their posting at for someone to fill a shotguns product manager position. Which seemed strange since, as everyone knows, they haven’t made shotguns for, like, decades. Unfortunately Ruger, being a publicly traded firm, has to comply with all manner of pesky SEC regulations concerning new product announcements. Which means that when I asked Mark Gurney what’s up, he dutifully demurred. He did point out, though, that God is love, love is blind and Ray Charles is blind. The obvious conclusion? Ray Charles is (was) God. So while he couldn’t prematurely spill any beanage, Mark did invite anyone interested (and, you know, qualified) to submit their resume. And since Ruger’s been systematically filling holes in their extensive product line, it seems a safe bet that we’ll see something new and interesting from them when next we gather in Las Vegas. Watch this space.