Question of the Day: Why Wasn’t Mark Hess Invited to the SOTU Speech?


If you managed to sit through the state of the union speech the other night, you were treated to sympathetic shots (so to speak) of victims. Victims of gun violence — people who had either been shot themselves or had a loved one killed by someone with a gun while committing a crime. Like all SOTU speeches, they were there as an act of political theater — agitprop designed to further the President’s civilian disarmament agenda. As Emily Miller describes the evening’s stage management, “Arrangements were made so TV cameras would pan to the faces of victims of gun violence in the House galleries. Emotional drama, as opposed to reasoned argument, is the primary weapon in the administration’s campaign to undermine a fundamental constitutional right.” And the Congressional gun-grabber caucus made no bones about it. They’d practically advertised the fact in advance . . .

They’d invited “dozens” of victim-participants to help push new, more restrictive gun control legislation. So what was the response to all this by the GOP and others who ostensibly support Second Amendment rights?

Ted Nugent. Make no mistake, Ted did a pretty good job of representing the pro-2A side without going his usual full gonzo. But where were the victims who, because of (the MSM would say despite) their experience, advocate expanding concealed carry and protection of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms?

Mark Hess is just such a shooting victim. He took a bullet to the leg in a spree shooting at an Air Force hospital near Spokane in 1994. He’s since moved to his home town of Dixon, Illinois so he knows from bad firearms laws.

“Lawmakers sit behind metal detectors and guards to go to work every day, while school kids never get that luxury,” Hess said in his letter. “If we lose our Second Amendment right to these lawmakers, then we deserve what we get. Stand up and tell them to change the law or step out from behind their security and live the risk we live with every day.”

If can manage to find someone like Hess, why the hell couldn’t Congressional Republicans? The NRA could certainly have dug up just as many pro-2A shooting and DGU survivors to present the Constitutional side of the coin as the anti-freedom side managed. Why didn’t they? Is anyone in a position of authority on the RKBA side awake? Hello?