New From Comp-Tac: Nothing Says Love Like Pink Kydex

Come on, you’re not really going with flowers and chocolates again this year, are you? Flowers are dead and chocolates just end up on her (and your) hips. That’s so ten years ago. If your main squeeze shoots (and if not, why not?), she’d much rather have something gunny, wouldn’t she? Well Comp-Tac’s way ahead of you this year with a special line of hot pink Kydex just in time for Valentine’s gift-giving. Best of all, the colored carry gear won’t cost you one extra dime. This is a one-time promo so quantities are limited. Press release after the jump . . .

Comp-Tac offers Pink Kydex for Your Valentine

Houston, TX – Comp-Tac Victory Gear, a leading manufacturer of holsters and accessories, is offering a special run of gear in Hot Pink Kydex in honor of Valentine’s Day during the month of February. This offer is limited to the quantity of pink Kydex on hand.

The colored Kydex will be available for order online or by phone on a first-come first-serve basis beginning Monday, February 4th. There is no extra charge for the special color. Items available in the pink are:

1. The International (body only – mounting gear is still black)
2. The Paddle Holster
3. The Belt Holster
4. The Twin Magazine Belt Pouch
5. The Twin Magazine Paddle Pouch
6. Light Holders
7. Combo Pouch
8. AR Magazine Pouches
9. Single Magazine Pouch
10. Tek-Lok Magazine Pouch (pouch only – Tek-Lok is still black)
11. Beltfeed

All of Comp-Tac’s products are available in both left and right handed options.

Combining the pink kydex with black, such as the International’s mounting gear or a black belt, promises a striking and stylish look.

For more information on the full line of Comp-Tac Victory Gear holsters and accessories, visit, like Comp-Tac on Facebook at, or follow @CompTac on Twitter.