Missouri Republicans Fire Back at HB545

Nick tried to tackle his mom (metaphorically speaking, of course), demonstrating for her that the civilian disarmers among us actually do want to confiscate law-abiding citizens’ legally owned firearms. His example: Missouri’s recently introduced HB545 that would require removing all (broadly defined) “assault weapons” from the state or surrendering them. With both the House and Senate firmly in GOP hands in the Show Me State, HB545 is about as likely to pass as Bar Paly (NSFW) is likely to spend this summer at fat camp. Nevertheless . . .

Two GOPers wanted to makes sure they’re on record with the home folks as opposing any trimming of their constituents’ right to keep and bear arms. Toward that end, Springfield’s Eric Burlison put together a little home movie, above, that features a shooter using a copy of 545 for target practice.

Not to be outdone, Mike Leara of St. Louis County introduced a similarly doomed bill of his own that would make introducing a bill proposing gun control measures a felony. It seems there’s not much chance of a modern day Missouri Compromise where gun rights are concerned.