Minnesota Senator Pulls AWB, Mag Limit Bills. For Now.

“The outright banning of guns is a conversation that is more suited on the federal level.” So sayeth Minnesota Senator Ron Latz, as quoted by startribune.com. And with that, he pulled “assault weapon” and regular capacity magazine ban bills that were before the Judiciary Committee he chairs. The Senator seems to be in a can’t-we-all-get-along mood. “The assault weapons ban and high-capacity magazine ban proposals are highly divisive…I want to focus on what has broad public support.” And in Minnesota anyway, that still leaves a plethora of rights-impinging mischief . . .

Things like universal background checks, adding to the reasons a CCW permit can be denied, upping the penalties for CCW-related infractions and mandatory lost firearm reporting, Whether or not the decision to yank the two proposals off the table had to do with the House’s experience dealing with throngs of gun owners who showed up when they considered the measures is anyone’s guess. Watch this space.