LEO Training Tool of the Day: “No More Hesitation” Targets

When it’s your job to protect and serve, you have to be prepared for just about anything. So when faced with a threat, the last thing you want as a police officer is to dither when looking down the barrel of a gun. Even when the person pointing that gun is a child. Or other “non-traditional” target as Law Enforcement Targets (“Targeting for a Safe America”) likes to call them. LET’s producing a series of photographic targets (click here for their customer service response) they call the “No More Hesitation” series, depicting subjects like pregnant women, old men and kids holding guns. Because if there’s one thing we need, it’s LEOs desensitized to shooting women and children. But wait, it gets better! As reason.com reports, our friends at the DoD and DHS are big clients of LET. I wonder how many No More Hesitation targets are included in that $5.4M “training aids” purchase?