LA Times: the Last Word on Guns in Movies

LeMat 1861 courtesy imfdb.orgDid you notice the revolver Bruce Willis was carrying near the end of 12 Monkeys when he gets shot in the airport, and wonder what kind it was? Or did your buddy bet you a beer over what full-auto gun Walter’s carrying when he bails out of the Dude’s car during the ransom drop in The Big Lebowski? Given the anti-gun zeitgeist, the LA Times has noticed our friend, Chris Serrano, main man behind the best source of info on guns featured in movies, TV and video games, the Internet Movie Firearms Data Base. The good news: According to the Times piece, the “cacophonous national debate about violence in entertainment” hasn’t hurt their traffic any. “The firearms are a tool used in the telling of a story,” Serrano said. “It’s the modern version of a samurai sword. It’s part of the art. I don’t feel there’s a glorification of firearms.” And even if there were, would that be so bad?