Glenn F.

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  1. That’s me! I could also add, I CCW in the pro-gun state of Alabama. I’ve been educating my friends & family about the 2nd Amendment to the point of obnoxious-ness. And, writing Congress & out clueless POTUS & VP since the gun-grabbing started. NRA & GOA member also. Keep up the good fight, citizens.

  2. Yes, that’s all very nice, but I think you’re dodging the important question: do you have a license and a holster for the ukelele?

    • This is a bit disturbing. I think I’ve been pretty open minded in welcoming all gun owners here. Gays, people of color. Pro life, pro choice. Liberals.

      But a ukelele player? I don’t know. Next thing you know we’ll be welcoming the Irish. We gotta draw the line somewhere.

  3. Thanks for speaking up, Glenn! And yes indeed, I think it’s awesome you’re proud that you play the uke.

    You might find it funny to hear it, but it’s become a “trendy” instrument among my students at school who have formed a club to practice playing it. I get to join amateur renditions of IZ and Hawaiian music… 😉

  4. Yes, I have the required Pistol Permit in Alabama & my EDC is a Ruger LC9 in a Desantis Nemesis holster (occasionally a Versacarry instead). Depending on climate or dress code, I may also opt for a Ruger SR9C in a FOXX IWB holster at 4:00 position. Since the gun-grabbers seem to think that either 7 or 10 rnds are somehow a magic #, I’m “safe” w/the LC9’s 7 rnd or SR9C’s 10, but I usually prefer to keep the SR9C packed w/its STANDARD 17 rnd mag instead & always carry extra magazines on my person when carrying the LC9. As to the Ukulele’s … my EDC (I travel weekly) is either a KoAloha, Kamaka, LoPrinzi, Sailor Brand, or Mya-Moe custom (Bing either to learn a bit about the reach of those makers.)

    The Ukes gives me another pass time when I can’t go to the range & have dry-fired all my trigger finger can stand!

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