Housekeeping: Auto-Play A-Go-Go

Attentive members of the Armed Intelligentsia will have noticed the increased ad space here at TTAG central command. Things have gone mostly swimmingly with our new ad partner, Lanista, who’s complimented GunUp nicely so far. That’s not to say there hasn’t been a speed bump or two along the way — as in that floating “assault ad” formerly seen at the bottom of the screen. You win some, you lose some. We also hear tell of occasional auto-play ads (audio and video) that have managed to worm their way into the rotation despite our best efforts. They can be hard to find and weed out, though. So, if you’re hit with one and would like to help, please ID the advertiser and send a screen shot of the offender to Your assistance will, as always, be much appreciated. And, we hope, result in a better, less annoying experience for everyone. Thanks.