Gun Tweet of the Day: Stopped Clock Edition

Yes, even Roseanne Barr’s right once in a while. On certain subjects. And apparently one of them is women protecting themselves via the good ol’ RKBA. But following her tweet, according to, she came in for a ration of blowback from her fellow lefties who were otherwise unaccustomed to one of their own advocating 2A rights. And why wouldn’t they be taken aback? If they’re cut from the same cloth as Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar, the idea of a bunch of hysterical women running around campuses with heaters at the ready, shooting at people every time they “feel like (they’re) going to be raped” is mighty chilling . . .

These are, after all, only women — they clearly “just don’t know who (they’re) gonna be shooting at.” Seriously, chicks can’t be trusted to make life-or-death decisions — not where their own safety is concerned. You know, they’re skittish. Flighty. The obvious danger if we allow them to carry pack heat is if they think they’re “in trouble when (they) may actually not be, that (they’ll) pop out that gun and (they’ll) pop … pop a round at somebody.”

Women . . . can’t live with ’em, can’t dodge their ill-considered bullets. Right, Joe?