Atlanta Preacher to Protest Urban Violence at GLOCK HQ

Why keep all the anti-gun attention on ARs and other “military-inspired weapons of war?” One Atlanta preacher figures it’s time to expand things a little. According to, “Demonstrators who say the national debate on gun control shouldn’t focus only on assault weapons are gearing up to rally at the corporate headquarters of GLOCK Inc. in Smyrna.” Hutchins will be showing up outside GLOCK’s corporate offices tonight at 6:00 p.m., just in time to make the evening newscasts. The rabble rousing reverend and failed political candidate probably figures (correctly) that even if he can only muster a dozen or so folks with nothing better to do than carry signs and chant a few pre-rehearsed slogans, he’ll still get plenty of positive pub. It’ll be interesting to see how many gun rights supporters show up to counter Hutchins’ media-driven dog and pony show.